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Holding A Grudge: UK guitar-rock trio Darlia return with a song about never visiting Ohio


We’ve been singing the praises of UK grunge throwbacks Darlia ever since hearing “Dear Diary” last summer. Meanwhile, the Darlia lads continue to tour extensively in their native England while preparing debut LP Petals, which drops on February 23.

Having already become a live favorite, new single “I’ve Never Been to Ohio” made its radio debut last night on Zane Lowe’s BBC Radio 1 show. Darlia are still very young, but “Ohio’s” polished sound shows that this band has matured even in a short period of time. Nathan Day’s harsh vocals on early singles like “Queen of Hearts” and “Candyman” have grown smoother for “Ohio,” but like the aforementioned “Queen of Hearts'” chorus of “Ohhh Aurora Borealis” before it, “Ohio’s” chorus is a total ear worm.

The freshly-minted “I’ve Never Been to Ohio” video, uploaded last night, features layered black, white, and red footage of the band playing in a studio.


Darlia has yet to grace the US with its presence, so how ’bout it lads? Give us a Stateside tour and you can finally see the great state of Ohio.

It’s for lovers, we hear.