Rumors and Lakes: Is TLC about to announce a tour with New Kids On The Block And Nelly?

UPDATE: January 20, 9:02 a.m.: It’s official — NKTOB, Nelly, and TLC are at the TD Garden on June 24. While we await the full list of dates, get the Boston details from Do617 — and enter to win a pair of tickets. In the meantime, TLC have also announced a Kickstarter for their new album, which would be the pop group’s fifth and final.

We’re certainly not one to go chasing waterfalls here at Vanya HQ, but there are some rumors that are too good to resist. Like this one: apparently the reunited TLC — without the late Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes, of course — are about to hit the road for a massive 2015 tour with New Kids On The Block and Nelly.

Well damn. Is it “Hot in Herre,” or is it just that lineup? Someone get the Fenway Park booking agent on the phone!

This morning, cybertlcforums.com was lit up with the news, saying the official tour announcement will come on January 20.

Check it:

Remember TLC’s Good Morning America announcement this past October that was mysteriously “postponed?” We all know that TLC was set to announce their upcoming tour on the show……but what we DIDN’T know is that both New Kids On The Block and Nelly were ALSO going to appear on the show at the same time and do a joint announcement for their 2015 tour. All acts were in New York City and ready for the surprise until another pop star (not TLC, Nelly, or NKOTB) had a scheduling issue and was put in their place last minute. It’s definitely not an easy task to get that many people together in one place to make such an awesome announcement, which is why we haven’t heard anything since October – until now.

New Kids On The Block will be appearing on both Good Morning America and the Kelly & Michael show on January 20th to make the official tour announcement – but will they be ALONE or will TLC & Nelly be there as well!? The boys have been known to do a surprise show after their announcements – could that happen on the 20th with TLC & Nelly? We’re not sure yet, but definitely stay tuned to your TV’s on January 20th and see how it all unfolds!

This is exciting. And certainly makes up for that terrible made-for-TV special on TLC a while back.