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For real, no one wants to buy Sully Erna’s dirty old Godsmack amp case off Craig’s List


Back in September, we wrote about a Craig’s List ad that was apparently offering Sully Erna’s old dirty-ass Godsmack bass and amp case. The seller wanted $400 for the thing, or best offer. The sale came only a few short week’s after Boston declared August 6 as Godsmack Day, so it looked like that was some hot gear, a true piece of Boston rock history.

Nearly four months later, the fucking thing is still for sale, and the Craig’s List ad has just been updated a few hours ago. There’s still a $400 asking price, so maybe that’s the holdup. We don’t know if any offers have come in.

Either way, it’s not moving.


“Sully erna from godsmacks bass/amp case holds heads,amps,guitars,” reads the sad, lonely ad. “Draws slide out one holds stuff the other has a cout out were a dean guitar goes can be modified to put any guitar in! This is a collectors item! Comes with sullys original rockford fosgate punch check speakers! Could be made into a cool entertainment center for a kids room! Front and back covers come off with 4 turn pins per side”

UPDATE 11:32 a.m.: A reader has chimed in with this note: “FYI that’s not an amp/bass case it was a wardrobe case and it held a TV and stereo, and playstation and a small multitrack rig. Circa 1998-1999 is my guess.”

Come on, someone with a kid go buy this and make it into a cool entertainment center.




Here’s a look at the merchandise:

Godsmack Amp 2

Godsmack Amp 1