All About That Facepalm: Entertainment Weekly uses Meghan Trainor to make cheesy jokes about Massachusetts


As we all know by now, shining Top 40 pop star Meghan Trainor is a Massachusetts native, having been born on Nantucket Island in 1993 and raised out on the Cape. She even took a few summer classes at Berklee College of Music. What we also know after this weekend is that Entertainment Weekly has a terrible sense of humor, as evidenced by some cheesy-as-fuck jokes at the expense of our beloved Commonwealth.

Boston Magazine assistant digital editor Bryanna Cappadona points out the publication’s sad “attempt at making Massachusetts jokes” in a recent issue of EW, adding: “This is upsetting.”

Sure is.


Among the comedy gold struck in the Trainor graphic, which you can view below, are top-shelf digs involving lobsters, sand eels (?!?!), and the ever-so-timeless “Yankees Suck!”

Is Trainor all about that baseball?

Trainor plays a kinda-sorta homecoming show March 17 at the Paradise Rock Club, which falls on St. Patrick’s Day, a day known to reinforce our most cherished beliefs about Massachusetts.


Someone get EW on the horn, stat.

Meghan Trainor

Watch Trainor’s current hit, “Lips Are Movin,” below.