New Year Psych: Ghost Box Orchestra release ‘improvised’ 11-minute live session

It’s the day after the most hung over day of the year, so chances are your ears have finally stopped ringing and your head has eased up on the constant pounding. Enter an impromptu 11-minute jam session from Boston psych rock leaders Ghost Box Orchestra.

“Here’s an improvised piece we recorded a few weeks back in the practice space,” the band writes on social media. “We finally have a legit recording setup up and running in the space… so this hopefully makes you feel like you’re right in the room with us. Let us know what you think.”

Ghost Box Orchestra’s latest record, Vanished, turns two years old this May, so hopefully this new track, titled “001.2015,” is a sign of new music coming soon. The quintet had a pretty solid 2014, headlining the Boston/Cambridge Fuzzstival, touring the Northeast with the Cult (after being personally selected by Ian Astbury), and playing the Psycho De Mayo festival in California with Dead Meadow, Suuns, and others.

Listen to the “001.2015” session below, and buckle up.