Summer Vibes in Winter: Listen to the new solo single from Miniature Tigers’ Charles Brand


We’re now at that point in the year, especially here in Boston, where we have several weeks of cruel, unforgiving winter in front of us, devoid of holiday distraction and high on seasonal depression. Summertime feels like an eternity from now.

But yet, this new song from Miniature Tigers‘ ringleader Charles Brand evokes all that sunny, warm nostalgia. “Baby Blue Motorcycle,” a sweet little pop tune that has us dreaming of open-air rides through the valley, was posted last night to Brand’s Soundcloud page, and we caught wind of it after former Passion Pit gentleman Ian Hultquist told us via Twitter to “probably stop what you’re doing for a minute, and listen to this.”

We’re glad we obliged.


Miniature Tigers’ latest album, Cruel Runnings, dropped in June, so this all just seems like a nice change of pace for Brand, who recently relocated to Austin, Texas. Listen to “Baby Blue Motorcycle” below…