Air Apparent: Justin Bieber bought himself a $60 million private jet for Christmas

This weekend, countless people across the land, armed only with gift cards and leftover holiday spirit, will hit the malls of America in search of all the items Santa overlooked a few mornings ago. Justin Bieber needs no such shopping trip, because he bought himself perhaps the greatest gift of all: a private G6 jet that is valued at roughly $60 million.

Must be nice.

Biebs posted two Instagram pics the other day of the tricked-out cloud jumper, with the caption, “New jet for Christmas, and she’s beautiful.”

Writes TMZ: “Now let’s deconstruct. A G6 goes for around $60M, give or take a few million. This one seems particularly tricked out, with at least 8 white leather seats, a large couch and a lounge. Lots of celebs who do this purchase a part ownership … like a time share. Justin could theoretically afford it, but it’s a huge nut and $200M only goes so far, right?”

That $200M figure TMZ references? Just Bieber’s estimated worth headed into 2015. Happy New Year.

New jet for Christmas, and she's beautiful

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Merry Christmas she's a beauty

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