Drink It Up: Watch Paul Stanley of KISS’ long-lost (and hilarious) Folgers coffee commercial


Before the days of 5 Hour Energy, the best way to party every day after a full night of rock and roll was to drink a delicious cup of Folgers coffee at the crack of dawn.

No doubt Paul Stanley of KISS rolled that way, because apparently nearly 15 years ago the frontman recorded a TV commercial for Folgers. It reportedly never aired, and was part of rock and roll legend for years, with only the audio available online. We all heard the rumors: there was a gymnast involved, and Stanley was some sort of magician.

And now it’s online. Four days before Christmas, hallelujah.

The bio:

In the year 2000, Folgers made this commercial starring a gymnast and Paul Stanley from KISS. Apparently, Paul Stanley is some kind of magician, because he makes this weird gesture at the end and disappears. This commercial never aired because focus groups asked “who is the old, creepy guy?” and the agency pulled it.