Vanyaland Premiere: Watch Sidewalk Driver bring glam transformations to life in ‘My Face’


Every night before Sidewalk Driver hit the stage, frontman extraordinaire Tad ‎McKitterick undergoes a transformation from mild-mannered dude of chill to petal-winged, purple-scarred grand duke of glam rock. Now those powers of metamorphosis are being used to recruit the foundation of a sassed-out army in the Boston rock band’s new video for “My Face.”
The clip comes the morning after Sidewalk Driver doused the Boston Music Awards in glitter and confetti, and is the latest tease’me-please’me offering in their current Pledge campaign. Sitting nicely at 96 percent completion with just more than three weeks left, the Pledge is helping birth the band’s sophomore record, and we’ll no doubt get a live taste of the aural action at the Sinclair in Cambridge on January 17. On board for that show are the Organ Beats, Leo*Leo, and the debut performance by Worshipper.

Start your own transformation early with the video below, and if you stare directly into McKittrick’s eye as he sings “Everybody loves my face,” you might start to feel some ch-ch-ch-changes, too.

Showtime eventually calls us all.