Scumbag Alert: Worcester rock club hosts toy drive, items quickly stolen


Tis the season for gift-giving, charity, and good times, but it also tends to bring out the worst in people. Central Massachusetts website Turtle Boy Sports is relaying word today that someone stole a bounty of gifts from Worcester’s Lucky Dog Music Hall, which last night hosted its annual “Santapalooza” charity event for Toys For Tots.

The items were apparently left in a van near the club, and someone broke into the vehicle and stole the stash. The Lucky Dog will be open today at 5 p.m. for anyone in the area to drop by and help re-build their stash or make a donation.

Here’s the word from Turtle Boy:


Well apparently the toys were stored in a van adjacent to the Lucky Dog on Plymouth Street. So in classic Green Island style someone jacked the van up and stole all the toys. I’m aware that there are a never ending supply of dooshnozzles in this world, but it takes a special kind of slug rake to do something like this. I mean, what the hell are you gonna do with five boxes of toys? Go home and give them to your children that you see twice a year? Right. Let’s be honest – they’re gonna try to sell the toys for drug money.

Newsflash – you’re not stealing from the rich, you’re stealing from the poor. Kids who come from middle class families are gonna have a nice Christmas this year. Those toys weren’t for them. They were for kids that are unfortunate enough to be born into poverty. They’ve already been handed the shit end of the stick in life, and now some asshole has to go and ruin Christmas for them.

Someone had to have seen something. The street was busy and there were five huge boxes. Plus, the morons that did this are obviously professional nudniks, so they’re gonna talk. I have a hard time believing they’re gonna take them home and play barbies, so more than likely they’re gonna try selling their booty on the black market. If any of your sketchy “friends” on Facebook are all of a sudden trying to sell toys, do the right thing and send us an anonymous confidential message on Facebook, or email us at Turtleboysports@yahoo.com. You have our word that your name will not be brought into it.

Keep an eye out.