Froot Loopz: Listen to Marina & the Diamonds’ emotional new ballad, ‘Happy’


A few years ago, songwriter Marina Diamandis playfully reminded us that she was not a robot. Now Marina & the Diamonds are back with another reminder of the electro-pop project’s human nature with “Happy.”

The emotional piano ballad, which recalls the simple sweet appeal of “Robot,” is the second and latest cut off next year’s Froot LP. The album, Marina’s third, is out April 6, and leading up to its release, Ms. Diamandis is releasing a new song each month.

And yes, she has already named it Froot Of The Month. Low-hanging, sure, but Marina can do whatever the hell she wants.


Listen to “Happy” below, and wipe away any thoughts of the Pharrell song of the same name…

Chew on the album artwork, why don’t ya?


Marina FROOT