Selfie Defense: Watch Every Time I Die guitarist kick a phone out of a fan’s hand in Kansas


Warning: Don’t you dare take a selfie with Every Time I Die tonight when the Buffalo metal core band plays the Paradise Rock Club. A few days ago in Lawrence, Kansas, one fan found that lesson out the hard way.

A kid named Micah Barnes rushed the stage at the Granada Theatre and attempted to take a selfie with frontman Keith Buckley… in the middle of the fucking show. Guitarist Jordan Buckley came to his brother and bandmate’s defense, offering up a swift kick that knocked the phone out of Barnes’ hand.

Watch the video of the incident below.

The situation is not too dissimilar from when NOFX’s Fat Mike kicked a stage-invading fan at a show in Australia. And like the Fat Mike saga, this story has somewhere of a happy ending.

We’ll get to all that after the evidence, via YouTube.

Jordan Buckley chimed in on his karate kick on Twitter.

But at the end of the day, the kid got his selfie after the show, and posted on the Every Time I Die Facebook page that he phone wasn’t damaged in the kick or eventual fall to the floor.