The Queen Is Thread: These knitted Morrissey dolls have too many stitches to wear

Morrissey doesn’t mind if you forget him, but does he mind if you crochet him?

A British crafter named Kate Park has nearly perfected the mini-Moz, and her Dagenham Dolls are certain to never cancel on you, disappoint you, or verbally attack you after you release his latest record. But the trick is getting a hold of them; as Make Zine pointed out yesterday, Park creates her knitted Morrissey dolls purely as a hobby, but began selling certain ones after online interest spiked. With just more than two weeks left in the holiday shopping season, now is the time to strike.

Quite simply: The less you ignore him, the closer she knits.

Says Park: “I do not run a business. Doll-making is a hobby but due to persistent (and very flattering) demand from people wanting to buy my dolls, I have been persuaded to make a few dolls available for sale. My prices go some (but by no means all) of the way to reflecting the many hours of work I put in to making each doll. In order to give potential buyers as much information as possible and to try to keep the selling process simple and clear, I have come up with a Product Information and Safety guide and some basic Terms and Conditions.”

Check a sample of her work below…

Moz Doll 3

Moz Doll 1

Moz Doll 4

Moz Doll 2