Warp Tour: This guy walked around Stereosonic for 3 hours pretending to be Steve Aoki


Having a celebrity look-a-like can be a blessing or a curse. When you look just like Los Angeles electro-hour DJ/producer Steve Aoki, it’s probably both: a blessing to be able to throw cake at people, and a curse because people mistake you for Steve Aoki.

Australian photographer Jarrad Seng gets mistaken for the Dim Mak Records founder all the time, he says, so he went to the recent Stereosonic music festival in Perth — where Aoki was headlining — and decided to have some fun.

Seng let his hair down, added a fake beard, and just walked around the fest grounds. Sure enough, dozens and dozen of people approached him for photos. At certain points he gets mobbed by fans. At another a guy wonders how Aoki is wandering around when he’s allegedly up on stage performing.


DJs, right?

Seng writes on Facebook:

“Yeah so I get mistaken for Steve Aoki a LOT. It’s been a weekly thing for the past five years… at music festivals, bars, on Instagram… it even happened on the streets of Barcelona once. So the other day when I saw that New York catcall video I wondered what would happen if I did the same thing… but dressed as Steve. At stereosonic. Where he was headlining. This is the dumbest thing I’ve done in a long time…. enjoy.”

No, this is the best thing. In the comments section to his video post on Facebook, people are actually posting the selfies they took with Seng and admitting they have been had. The video on Facebook is approaching 1 million views, while the YouTube video below is nearing 700,000.

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