Vanyaland Premiere: The WANDAS’ Keith McEachern gets back to basics on ‘My Education’

Credit: Adam Waz

Anyone that spent any amount of time listening to the WANDAS over the past decade knew that the Boston band was comprised of some pretty talented dudes. After the release of their third studio record last year, 2014 has yielded a few solo endeavors that have reinforced that claim; over the summer Brent Battey got his surf on with Le Roxy Pro, and now WANDAS frontman Keith McEachern gets back to his songwriting roots with a new solo record, Double Down.

It’s probably not named after the famed, bread-less KFC sandwich, but it’s still pretty tasty. Double Down, out today, is a total DIY effort for McEachern, who wrote all the songs, played all the instruments, and produced the entire thing on his own. Check out the video for the first single, “My Education,” below.

Double Down came after taking a year-long break from being in a band, touring, and everything that comes with those two things. He rented out a warehouse space and started bringing to life the songs he had bouncing around in his head.


“The plan was to not have a plan,” McEachern says. “To simply create for the sake of enjoyment. There was no album in mind, no release schedule, no upcoming tour, nothing but me and my gear.”

Preview some tracks below, and do note the very Definitely Maybe-inspired album artwork after the video jump…

[embedvideo id=”7x2TMAWxMW0″ website=”youtube”]

McEachern Double Down

Here are a few other tracks off Double Down, as well, including the title track, which you can also hear on Vanya Radio