Bass Drop: Watch techno DJ Richie Hawtin push a stage monitor on a female fan [updated with apology]


Last week we relayed news of Slipknot’s increasing practice at shows of squirting water on fans who are pre-occupied on their mobile phones. It’s the latest in an ongoing battle between concertgoer and performer, and just the other day Noisey asked this hot-topic question: Does using your cell phone at a concert make you a douchebag?

While a lot of the vitriol is aimed at concertgoers who are ignoring the band with their heads buried in their glowing iPhone screens, techno DJ veteran Richie Hawtin over the weekend took issue with a female fan at New York’s Time Warp who was giving her undivided attention. She was also recording or photographing his set.

So what’d he do? He pushed a stage monitor at her.


A man named Pat Curran recorded the video from the Brooklyn party’s Saturday slate — coincidentally on an iPhone, Mixmag reports — and it’s eliciting reactions on both sides. Was Hawtin out of line? Or are fans getting too close to the performers?

Hawtin doesn’t exactly shove the monitor at the fan, but it’s enough to make contact and knock the girl back a bit.

UPDATE 9:44 a.m. EST: Hawtin has posted a lengthy and seemingly heartfelt apology on his Facebook page.


Watch the video below.

Warning: This clip contains gratuitous DJ posing before the incident goes down.

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