Crunch Up Your Life: Spice Girls potato chips from 1997 will only set you back $160


People across America will no doubt be crashing supermarkets across the country today in hopes of wrapping up their Thanksgiving food shopping. But here’s a new item to add to the turkey, mashed potatoes, and other good stuff: a 4-pack of unopened Spice Girls potato chips from 1997.

When 2 become 1, there is love. When 4 become 1, there is hunger.

The listing showed up on Ebay today, and the going rate is currently £99.99 — about $160 in US coin.


All four in this “Wannabe” party pack — with Sporty Spice suspiciously absent — are Walkers brand, which we think is the British version of Lays. And they call them “crisps” over there, for some fucking reason or another, so don’t get thrown off by the odd labeling. Doritos, however, are understood in the universal language of yum.

Gigwise notes that there may be some hidden prizes in those bags. “The £99.99 starting bid may seem somewhat expensive, but it’s worth noting there is a chance to win an actual fiver in each unopened pack,” they write, “and according to the dated packaging there is apparently also a chance to “win a spicy £100,000″ (that competition did end in 1998, but still…).”

The bidding ends tomorrow, but we’re sure if you Buy It Now, they can be shipped in time for your Thanksgiving dinner. They may taste a bit weird, though.


Here’s a closer look; pardon our prawn cocktail drool stains…

Spice Girls Crisps