Once You Pop: The Fatal Flaw turn up the fidelity with catchy new single ‘Stray’

With 50 songs filling out last week’s Keep Safe Boston compilation, it’s going to take a while to fully digest all of the music Anngelle Wood pulled together to help raise money for Planned Parenthood. Just after the midway point on the comp is a new track from the Fatal Flaw, Boston’s purveyors of finely-tuned power-pop who have been a bit quiet lately.

We pretty much still have the hook from 2012’s “You Need To Know” stuck in our heads, but this new track “Stray” serves to further push the band’s quality-over-quantity attitude. And you can hum the shit out of this one.

In addition to its inclusion on Keep Safe, “Stray” is also available for listening and/or downloading pleasures at the Fatal Flaw Bandcamp.

“It’s an up-tempo number about fidelity, and about accepting that fidelity can never be coerced or obtained through duress,” the band writes. “You know, typical uplifting lyrical content from yours truly!”

Works for us. Check it out below…

Fatal Flaw Stray