50 Bands 50 Benefits: Listen to (and DL) Anngelle Wood’s massive ‘Keep Safe Boston’ benefit comp

White Dynomite

Today is Veteran’s Day, a day where we honor those who kept our nation safe. Today now also serves as the release of another kind of protective campaign, from Anngelle Wood’s upstart community organization Keep Safe Boston, which has released a mammoth 50-band compilation designed to raise money for Planned Parenthood.

The comp, which is available for a pay-what-you-want download, can be streamed and purchased below. It features new New England-bred music from White Dynomite and Ad Frank, exclusive digital singles from Parlour Bells, Petty Morals, Hallelujah The Hills, Blackbutton, John Powhida International Airport, Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling, Corin Ashley, and others, as well as various remixes, 2014 singles, and other cuts.

There’s also a Keep Safe Boston benefit concert for Planned Parenthood at Brighton Music Hall on December 10, and the night showcases Jass Bianchi, Parlour Bells, the Color and Sound, Corin Ashley, Drab, the Rationales, and CLUB GRCB, the Girls Rock Camp Boston after school program. Tickets are available here.


“Keep Safe Boston intends to remind us to look out for one another, and to give voice to the issues that affect us,” states the org’s website. “The organization’s motivating inspiration is to honor the memory of the women lost in the Brookline clinic shootings in 1994 – the anniversary of which is this December.”

Keep Safe Boston 2014 track list:
1. Parlour Bells – Wetware
2. Petty Morals – Just A Game
3. Corin Ashley – Jellyfish
4. The Rationales – All The While
5. Hallelujah The Hills – Affectionate Darlings 4 Life
6. Apple Betty – Skin Of My Teeth
7. Blackbutton – Hospital Stay
8. Gene Dante and the Future Starlets – Girl On A Unicycle (Safe Space Mix)
9. The Year Million – Something Better (PDH remix)
10. Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling – Making Friends
11. John Powhida International Airport – The Promised Land
12. The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library – Secret Animals
13. White Dynomite – Look Out Below
14. Ad Frank – French Translation
15. Ruby Rose Fox – Die Pretty
16. The Color and Sound – Back To Me
17. Sarah Rabdau & Self-Employed Assassins – Pavement Prophet
18. Alchemilla – In My Head
19. When Particles Collide – Constant Disaster
20. Rebuilder – Headrush
21. Harris Hawk – Gussy
22. Jennifer Tefft – Breathe
23. Drab – Tell It To Me Straight (Tell It To Me Gay)
24. The Warning Shots – Terminally Insane
25. Western Education – Look Away
26. OldJack – Miles Away
27. Salita – Shake Our Bones
28. The Fatal Flaw – Stray
29. Magen Tracy – Fiercely
30. Airport – I Go Up
31. Aloud – Darkest Days
32. Mercury On Mars – Be The One
33. textbookcopilot – Arrival and Departures
34. Nate Leavitt – Taking The Long Way Home
35. M.G. Lederman – Dignity In Decay
36. Eddie Japan – Fight Song
37. You People – Daylight Savings
38. Darktown – Another Chance
39. Streight Angular – Super Party Fun Times
40. Muy Cansado – Predisposed
41. The Okay Win – Every Face In A Wave
42. Band Without Hands – Hanuman
43. Protean Collective – Caldera
44. The Daily Pravda – Letter To Hermione
45. Duresse – Redwood
46. Rusty Shovels – Ghost
47. Riff Legion – Crustacean Morality
48. Incinerator – Right Now
49. Kingdom of Love – Two Souls
50. Hammer and Snake with Powerslut – OverExposure


Keep Safe Boston