Vanyaland Premiere: Here’s a piece of the new Easy Reasons new music video for ‘Piece’

They say that attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, and we can see proof of that as digital media evolves. Back in the day we used to do album premieres. Then we tightened it up to debuting EPs. These days, we all love a good single or video premiere. Quick hits, in and out, wham-bam-thank-you-Bandcamp.

Well today we’re streamlining this shit even further with a premiere of a teaser. It’s kinda like how advertising agencies are getting all their important info into the first seven seconds of their video spots before the “Skip This Ad” button shows up, only this is info that’s relevant to our interests: Below is the teaser for “Piece,” the new music video from Boston-based rock and roll dynamo the Easy Reasons.

Yeah, a piece of “Piece”

Witness the full thing this Saturday at the Middle East in Cambridge, and early show that also features performances by the Heave-Ho and the Rationales. Then check back in with us Sunday or Monday when we’ll no doubt have the video in full.

It looks rad, and we want more. They say always leave them wanting more. Even if you’re only giving a “Piece.”

[embedvideo id=”IvbLoIIVIvY” website=”youtube”]

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