Stickin In My Eye: Watch Fat Mike from NOFX kick a fan in the face on stage in Australia

Stage diving and stage invading has been a pretty hot topic in 2014. First Adicts damn-near caused a riot in Boston after they halted their show at Brighton Music Hall after dudes kept crashing the stage. Then Joyce Manor banned stage diving altogether and kickstarted a huge internet debate.

But Fat Mike of NOFX took things to the next level recently at a show in Sydney, Australia, when he straight up kicked a fan in the face. The dude runs up to Fat Mike mid-song and grabs him, at which point the bassist swings around, knocks him down on the ground and proceeds to invite the stunned fan to an exclusive Boot Party for 1.

Watch the video below. Ouch!

To Fat Mike’s credit, at least, he realized the error of his ways and offered an apology via Twitter.

Now that’s the type of punk rock unity we like to see around here. What a happy ending. But that shit had to hurt…