Listen to the new EP from Boston’s Courage Cloak and do a swan dive into your concrete skull


Schedules are stupid.

Sometime last week we were tipped off to the debut EP from a Boston band called Courage Cloak, and were directed to the record’s November 14 release party at the Democracy Center in Cambridge. We marked the date in our calendars and figured we’d write something fancy about it a day or two before.

Then we couldn’t stop fucking listening to it, especially the hammering post-metal track “A .’. A .’.” (which we’re glad we don’t have to pronounce).


Rock waits for no man. So we’re hyping it a bit early.

We’re told Courage Cloak features ex-members of Maintain, Matahari and Life & Limb, and the early comparisons they’ve been getting are quite favorable, revolving around the all-approved likes of Cave In, Hum, and Deftones.

Sure, cool, great, whatever, just fucking listen to it. Many bands strive for an “October” sound, but this EP sounds appropriately November to us, perfect for closing your eyes and letting the sound pummel you into someplace better.


Pre-orders for the self-titled EP, recorded with Alec Rodriguez at New Alliance in Cambridge, are limited to 500 copies and are available through Bandcamp. We’re sure they’ll be on the table at their show next Friday as well.

Don’t sleep.

Courage Cloak