Night Music: Listen to the engaging new LP from Boston pop crooner Matthew Connor

In late September we had the privilege of hosting a Boston electronic music two-fer on one Sunday night in Allston: the record release party for upstarts Radclyffe Hall and the debut show from Orchids. We needed a third band, something to set the tone for the evening but showcase a different sound than the two aforementioned electro-pop projects.

We looked towards vocalist and composer Matthew Connor. And he gazed right back at us. We had a show.

The noir-pop crooner, who releases his latest album Farewell Motel today with a record release party October 21 at Atwood’s Tavern in Cambridge, was downright captivating. His set’s opening song, “Midnight Blue,” quickly proved this was going to be no over-anxious banger set, but more a lounge-addled mood-setter full of dark tales of love and desperation, all carried beautifully by Connor’s deep, unmistakable vocal delivery.

“Midnight Blue” opens Farewell Motel, and achieves the same goal. Every song here tell its own story, and it will take several listens for us to really wrap our heads around it.

Listen to Farewell Motel in full below, and head’s up: “How Is July Already Over?” was nominated for Music Video Of The Year in the 2014 Boston Music Awards.

Connor Flyer