Holidaze: Listen to Philadelphia noise-pop band Nothing’s piercing new single ‘July The Fourth’

Credit: Shawn Brackbill

“Anyone who says rock is dead isn’t paying attention,” says Brad Searles of Bradley’s Almanac when posting the new Nothing single a few moments ago. We agree with him, especially here.

The Philadelphia noise-pop/shoegaze band show a bit of a more straight-forward rock approach here on new track “July The Fourth,” and in addition to showing a complete fucking disdain for the calendar, it also rips pretty hard.

Those guitars are piercing, and the song hits a sweet hardcore groove around the :50 second mark. It kinda reminds us of a heavier Hooray For Earth, with some Helmet thrown in, and we mean all that in the nicest way possible.

“I guess it’s just about being hung up on something,” guitarist Brandon Setta tells Vogue, of all publications, which premiered the track earlier today. “And using any method, no matter how extreme, to erase it from your brain just to obtain some sort of freedom.”

“July The Fourth” is part of a split 12-inch with Whirr, out November 17 via Run For Cover Records. Listen to it below.