Vanyaland Premiere: Evolfo spell out the gypsy-funk on rabble-rousing new 7-inch

For the past few years Evolfo Doofeht have been splitting time between their home of Boston and current base of Brooklyn, tirelessly giving the same pro tip for pronouncing and/or spelling their band name: “‘The food of love,’ backwards.”

Once you see it the from the other direction, it starts to make sense and becomes easier to say, write, or remember. The same holds true for their music, a layered, feisty octet-powered jam-out that the band have dubbed “gypsy-funk,” often most accessible when approached from a different angle entirely.

But now like a suburban school district on austerity, “the food” has been dropped and the gents now go by the simpler and more succinct Evolfo, and the first release off their new era of singular nomenclature arrives tomorrow (September 30) via the self-release of double-a-side 7-inch “FHF/Let’s Carry On.” The songs are available to stream below, but be warned: once this week’s release promo runs dry, the tracks will only be available via vinyl.

On “FHF/Let’s Carry On,” Evolfo’s new work incorporates the sounds of afro-beat and funk into their sprawling gypsy-rock cocktail, another intricate slice of genre-spanning good-time pop. The 7-inch is a collaboration with producer Craig Welsch (10 Ft. Ganja Plant, Slightly Stoopid, State Radio), written by Evolfo’s Matthew Gibbs and Rafferty Swink, and featuring Debo Band’s Adam Clark on percussion. The tracks were mixed and recorded by Craig Welsch at Rear Window Studios in Brookline, and mastered by Kevin Metcalfe at Abbey Road Studios.

“What the fuck is Evolfo Doofeht?” Gibbs asks in lead track “FHF.” It’s a question he won’t have to answer much longer.

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