Sour Apple: Noel Gallagher warns of free U2 albums in 2008, says it’s ‘time to start shitting’

Former Oasis guitarist and songwriter Noel Gallagher once said something to the effect of, “If you tell the entire world you’re the greatest band on the planet, half of them are going to believe you.” The same holds true for his opinions and predictions: if you give enough brazen pullquotes and soundbites over the year, some are bound to come true.

But something he said in an October 2008 interview with Q Magazine has really hit home this month. Nearly six years ago, Gallagher warned that, in assessing the value of music and the trend of giving albums away for free, “the time to start shitting it is when U2 start giving records away.”

Last week, U2 delivered Songs Of Innocence to millions by directly depositing the album to people’s Apple devices.

The quote stemmed from Gallagher being asked at the time if he considered giving away that month’s Dig Out Your Soul, Oasis’ seventh and final studio album. His full response, captured over the weekend on social media by Los Angeles’ all-around rock and roll renaissance man Scottie Diablo, is classic Noel.

Diablo even dubbed it #Noelstradamus.

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