Wait For The Drop… Off: Deadmau5 becomes an Uber driver in Toronto, uses his white McLaren 650S

Need a ride? The guy with the giant mouse ears certainly hears you… and he’s on his way!

Electronic music producer Joel Zimmerman, known in certain circles as Deadmau5, took to the streets of Toronto on September 10 as a taxi driver for Uber X, the independent hired-ride service that has the cab companies shitting bricks inside their long-established castles of indifference.

Zimmerman cruised around TO in his white McLaren 650S, picking up passengers like a “normal” driver would, and giving lifts to those in need. One guy needed to make a Chipotle run (hey, it’s Canada).

The only thing that could make the experience better, for all of us, is if he picked up Toronto Mayor Rob Ford somewhere at 3 a.m. But Zim only does that on certain mornings.

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