10 burning questions for today’s Boston Calling finale, otherwise known as Pats & ‘Mats Day

Credit: Doug Orey for Vanyaland

The third and final day of Boston’s Calling Music Festival is here, and there’s a lot on tap for this first Sunday in September. The Replacements, Nas, and Spoon are in town, and the Patriots season kicks off down in Miami. As we compile our overall thoughts on yesterday’s Day 2 — which was delayed nearly three hours by a thunder and lightning storm — here are some burning questions for today’s party at City Hall.

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1. Will the weather hold up?


As everyone knows by now, a storm blew through Boston yesterday and caused a nearly three-hour delay, putting the last few hours of the fest in jeopardy. Lightning touched down near City Hall and strong winds blew down the Capital One Red Stage banner, and more than 10,000 people were asked to shelter-in-place at the Government Center Garage, nearby bars, and the VIP/Media Tent. It was a very strange event, and ultimately, sets by Volcano Choir and Girl Talk were cancelled.

But today’s forecast for Boston, as of 10 a.m., calls for a high of 77 and zero chance of rain. That’s the almost-fall vibe we’ve been anticipating all weekend (it was very hot yesterday before the rains came), both to stay dry and chill but also to properly enjoy the Sam Adams’ Octoberfest booths. Can’t be sweating it out with some Märzen in hand. Here’s a breakdown of expected weather for each band.

2. Will Boston Calling announce the May 2015 lineup at some point today?


At the inaugural Boston Calling in May 2013, the festival announced it was here to stay by unveiling its September lineup right on stage before Sunday headliners the National performed. Will we get a taste of what May 2015 has in store? Will Paul Westerberg or Nas mind an advertisement right before their sets?

3. Speaking of the Replacements, will Billie Joe Armstrong join the band on stage tonight?

Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong has joined the ‘Mats on stage for recent reunion gigs, including Coachella, leading to some speculation he’ll be in town today for the Boston Calling gig. We’ve asked around, and have been told “no” …so we’re going to say a Replacements set with Armstrong is highly unlikely. That’s even more unfortunate which you realize the 20th anniversary of Green Day’s riot-inducing WFNX show at the Hatch Shell is on Tuesday. Yeah, crazy.

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4. What time are the ‘Mats going on, exactly?

Yeah, we’re excited for the Replacements, and you should be, too. The reunited college rock legends go on at 8:15 on the Capital One Red Stage, which Westerberg probably loves. They go on right after Spoon and right before Nas and the Roots.

5. Oh shit, Spoon is playing this?

Yeah, but no one seems to realize this. Lorde, the Replacements, and the National all seemed to grab the headlines when this lineup was announced a few months ago, but Brit Daniel’s enduring indie rock band stood out to those who recognize quality. Spoon have made a career of flying under the radar, and they’ve done just that for this Boston Calling — until they start playing and show everyone how it’s done. As usual.


6. Where can I watch the Patriots?

We’re officially declaring today Pats and ‘Mats Day in Boston, and thankfully, there’s a seven-hour gap between start times between Tom Brady and Paul Westerberg. If you bought VIP tickets, you’re in luck: there are two HD TVs tucked away near the food tables, and no doubt those areas will be packed at 1 p.m. when the Patriots take on the Dolphins in Miami. Those affected: Gentlemen Hall, San Fermin, White Denim, and the War On Drugs, all playing while the Pats are on. No doubt the Faneuil Hall bars around City Hall will be packed with Pats fans, too.

7. Will the War on Drugs become everyone’s new favorite band?

The Philadelphia rock band is a rare breed in 2014 — a word-of-mouth band that’s been captivating anyone that listens. They don’t sound like what the name suggests (we thought they were something else entirely when we first heard their name), and March’s Lost in the Dream (Secretly Canadian) will gain a slew of new supporters when it’s on everyone Best Albums of 2014 list.


Do not sleep on this performance. 3:05 p.m., JetBlue Stage. Let’s hope the Pats are up 35-7 by that point in the day.

8. Will Gentlemen Hall keep the homegrown vibe intact?

The seasoned gents of G-Hall threw a late-night afterparty last night at Great Scott in Allston, and are back a few hours later with an opening set at 1:05 p.m. this afternoon on the Red Stage. Between two stellar sets yesterday by homegrown acts St. Nothing and CliffLight, and the Boston roots of NPR darlings Lake Street Dive, there’s a huge sense of local pride at the fest this weekend. But Gentlemen Hall have perhaps worked the hardest for this big-stage opportunity, and should deliver a mult-genre’d set of pop, rock, psych, and synth-pop.


9. Will ESPN’s Fantasycast and other fantasy football real-time scoring apps work properly with more than 10,000 people all huddled together?

Wifi connectivity hasn’t been too much of an issue considering the amount of people all huddled together on the plaza of City Hall. But this day adds a new contender for most-checked app on everyone’s phones: live fantasy football scores. I’ll be checking to see how the Allston Bed Bugz are doing throughout the day, so please wish us luck. We’re playing Luke O’Neil’s team. He has Brady (obvz).

10. Will anyone top Lorde’s performance last night?

Doubtful, but possible. Lorde was nothing short of magical last night, captivating and commanding a crowd that was antsy after the rain delay and slightly agitated after having to leave and then re-enter the premises. But she calmed the crowd, and then enthralled it. If anyone tops what we saw last night, then this could be the best Boston Calling ever. Weather excluded.

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