K-I-M-M-Y: Lil’ Kim gets ‘Fancy’ with a guest verse on Iggy Azalea remix


Iggy Azalea might be busy these days hyping her mediocre “Black Widow” single with Rita Ora, but her true Certified Jam of 2k14 just got an unexpected boost from Lil’ Kim.

The Queen Bee dropped a remix of “Fancy” the other day, and it’s essentially true to the chart-topping single with about 40 seconds of a Lil’ Kim guest drop right at the front.

Lil’ Kim has been busy lately, declaring rap war on Nicki Minaj, dropping a “No Flex Zone” remix where she talks about bananas in her ass, and readying the long-awaited release of her Hard Core 2014 mixtape, which is out September 11 after more than a year of delays.


There’s even an upcoming Hard Core 2014 tour, if those promoters texted her back (see below). It’s good to have K-I-M-M-Y back in the game, and even Azalea is down with the “Fancy” remix, tweeting the Soundcloud link out last night. “I love it,” she tells the world.

Guns out.