134 Days Until Christmas: Michael Alig is hand-painting shirts and selling them on eBay

Ever since Michael Alig was released from prison in May after serving 17 years for killing Andre “Angel” Melendez, we’ve seen the artistic side of the infamous former club kid. Now, with the holiday shopping season only a few months away, those with a twisted interest in sick fashion can buy some of Alig’s wearable art.

An item listed as “Michael Alig club kid hand-painted shirt” is for sale on eBay, and for $52 (plus $10 shipping), you can own a small H&M cotton button-front shirt that Alig has decorated in a floral pattern with his surname across the bottom back. Perfect for all the little Party Monsters on your shopping lists.

The item listing reads: “White H&M sleeveless men’s shirt hand-painted by club kid Michael Alig. The back has Alig’s name on it and the whole shirt is decorated with red and yellow paint. The armholes are finished in black thread. (not shown in picture).”

Alig tweeted out an eBay reminder this evening. If you miss out on bidding for the shirt, fear not — Project X Archive has custom Alig hospital wristbands marked with Alig’s twitter handle @Alig_Aligula.

Here’s a closer look at the garment…

Alig Shirt 2

Alig shirt