Going Ham: Miley Cyrus adopts a baby pig, names it Bubba Sue, takes it on private jet


This little piggy went to the market, this little piggy stayed home. This little piggy had roast beef, this little piggy had none. And Miley’s little piggy went weeeeeeeeee on a private fucking jet all the way home.

We’re not exactly sure WTF is going on here, and we’re still in the pre-5-Hour Energy stages of Monday morning, but it appears Miley Cyrus has adopted a new pet pig. And named it Bubba Sue.

Miley showed off the newest pork pop star on Instagram last night in a series of photos from what looks to be her private jet, writing that Bubba Sue is the “newest member to the fam.” That pig is already ballin’ out of control, and even has her nails did (see photo #4 below).


This isn’t the first time the singer has dabbled in swine: in 2012, PETA sponsored a piggy in her name for her 20th birthday.

Check out the blanketed piggy Bubba Sue below.



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