No Blogs No Masters: Listen to the debut EP from mysterious electronic pop project Soft Exile


It’s tough to stand out these days as a new band in a world of social media. Soft Exile hopes to stand out by staying out of that world. At the very end of a press release announcing the mysterious band’s debut EP, Maxi Single 1, officially released today via iTunes via Wheelkick Records, is this post-script: “Sorry, no twitter, facebook, instagram, websites.”

Well shit, we guess we’ll just have to listen to the music.

Produced by Will Dailey and Nick Zampiello and mixed by Tom Polce, Soft Exile is a collaborative project whose anonymous members hail from “three parts Boston, one part LA, one part Indiana and one part Columbia.” And there’s no intention of ever playing live.

They do, however, plan to release three news songs every four months, and that schedule seems just about perfect in this day and age.

“Some of us just want to make music and that has to be okay,” the band says via the aforementioned presser. “Soft Exile is a collaboration of musicians and performers from the East and West coast coming together to create a sonic soundscape of electronic, pop, and rock ideas… They simply want to bounce their indietronic future pop songs off of each other and utilize each skill and strength the five members bring to the table. The results are refreshing ideas that challenge the idea of the popular song and the modern release grind.”

The sounds range from modern electro-pop to blippy new wave. We’re probably digging the darker, pulsating synth-tone pop of “Animals” the most of out these three new songs, but that could change at any moment.

With no bios, photos, tweets, or regrams to base our taste on, all we’re left to do is listen.

Check out the full Maxi Single 1 below, as well as two video tracks after the jump.

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