Toronto Make Believe: Deadmau5 takes Rob Ford on a ‘coffee run’ in his Nyan Cat Ferrari

In a pairing more unlikely than the Maple Leafs and the Stanley Cup, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford went on a coffee run this week with Canadian electronic music producer Deadmau5 and his blue Nyan Cat Ferrari.

The half-hour video was posted yesterday by Deadmau5, and the immediate takeaways is that Ford likes “five espressos in one cup.”

The duo travel to a local Tim Horton’s and talk football, Deadmau5’s “Purrari” (“This thing can fly — how fast can you get it up to?” Ford asks), people harassing them with camera phones, and what they like in their morning beverages.

It’s kinda amazing.

Deadmau5 even offers up a disclaimer on the video: “Dear Stupid, this is a coffee run. This does not reflect my political views, or views on anything really… *cep’t for maybe my views on Toronto traffic, stupid ass drivers, stupid fuckin potholes, and my caffeine intake or any other stupid shit that comes out of my mouth.”

Word up.