New Favorite Song Alert: Listen to Hopium’s enchanting new swoon-pop single, ‘Dreamers,’

Sometimes it’s a random Tuesday afternoon and you’re driving down Alewife Brook Parkway in Cambridge and the windows are down and it’s perfect outside and a song comes on Sirius XMU and it’s so good you damn near swerve into oncoming traffic (seriously that road needs a goddamn median divider).

But yeah that happened today when we heard this new track from mysterious Australia duo Hopium. “Dreamers” features the vocals of Phoebe Lou formerly of the now-defunct indie-pop quintet Snakadaktal, and it’s a dreamy post-electro-pop anthem that we have feeling will dominate our summer-fed headspaces through Labor Day.

At more than five minutes long, the song’s a bit of a journey. But that electronic explosion at 2:17, we want to crawl right up inside of that and stay there until the sun sets.

Listen to “Dreamers” below, and just try to stay in your lane.