Britpop Hat Trick: UK party This Feeling is mad fer it with Menswear, Marion, and Mansun… almost

So here’s something not even Glastonbury, Reading/Leeds, or any other huge-ass UK music festival was able to do back in Britpop’s mid-’90s heyday — get Menswe@r, Marion and Mansun all on the same bill.

British club night This Feeling is pulling it off — kinda, sorta… almost.

The London edition of the party announced its upcoming Britpop Special over the weekend, featuring the re-ignited Menswe@r, acoustic performances from Jaime Harding of Marion and Northern Uproar, and a DJ set by Mansun’s Paul Draper. It goes down August 9 at the Queen of Hoxton, and well, we’re already checking Kayak for decent rates to hurdle the Atlantic.

In our excitement, we asked Menswe@r’s Johnny Dean if there ever was a time when his band, Marion, and Mansun all shared billing. He was… not sure (our Google sleuthing suggests no).

“I have no idea if we’ve all played together before,” Dean tells Vanyaland late last night. “It’s all a bit foggy… I’ve played on the same bill as Marion a few times. Not sure about Mansun. Or Northern Uproar.”

Tickets are available now. Check out the flyer below, as well as Menswe@r’s new single, “Crash ’14.”

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