Mick Jagger is such a World Cup jinx, nervous Brazilian fans are calling him ‘cold foot’

Forget “Satisfaction” — Mick Jagger can’t get no World Cup predictions right. The Rolling Stones singer has become such a jinx in predicting World Cup results, nervous Brazilian fans are calling him “pe frio,” according to Yahoo! Sports, which translates to “cold foot.” And they are begging him to not publicly support Brazil as the host country marches towards another World Cup title.

Jagger has thrown public support behind Italy, Portugal, and naturally, England, recently, only to see those teams not live up to his mighty words and predictions. In fact, Brazilians are literally blaming Jagger for Italy not advancing in this year’s Tournament, says the Guardian.

Here’s a little bit of background, according to the Associated Press:

At a concert in Rome on Saturday night, Jagger predicted to 70,000 fans that four-time World Cup champion Italy would pull off a clutch victory over Uruguay to advance to the knockout phase. The Italians lost 1-0 Tuesday and were headed home after the tournament’s first round.

At a show in Lisbon in May, the singer predicted that Portugal, led by Cristiano Ronaldo, the game’s top player heading into the World Cup, would win it all at the monthlong tournament in Brazil. Portugal is on the brink of elimination after failing to win in its first two group matches.

Earlier in the World Cup, Jagger suffered some good-hearted ridicule after taking to Twitter on June 19 to urge on his native England in a game, also with Uruguay. “Let’s go England! This is the one to win!!,” he wrote. England lost.

As Yahoo! Sports reports, this deadly Jagger jinx goes back even further…

At the 2010 World Cup, the secret of Mick Jagger’s immortality was revealed to be his ability to suck the lifeblood out of any team he supported. He attended Team USA’s round of 16 match against Ghana with Bill Clinton and the U.S. lost.

He supported his native England in its match against Germany and England lost.

And he supported Brazil against Netherlands (he has a Brazilian child with model Luciana Gimenez) and Brazil lost.

Let’s keep ol’ Mick away from our match against Germany tomorrow; hopefully no one tells him about the viewing party at City Hall Plaza.