Eye Soar: Watch Eagulls play Jools Holland, get amped for tonight’s show @ Great Scott


A few weeks ago Vanya HQ had one of those “MTV in the early ’90s moments,” as we were lazily flipping through the channels of our television and stumbled upon British post-punk band Eagulls performing their single “Possessed” on Jools Holland. We first heard the British post-punk band the month prior at SXSW, when they crashed our list of five bands that restored our faith in rock and roll.

But this performance was next-level cool. Raw, mechanical, stand-in-one-place-and-rip-the-ceiling-up type shit; like if Echo & the Bunnymen went hardcore. We called people in from the other room to watch it. DVR buttons were pressed. Hard.

Hopefully we get a performance similar to this when the Leeds lads play Great Scott in Allston tonight. They’re joined by some local noise in Idiot Genes and alt-rock trio the Sun Lions, who are responsible for one of the best Boston songs of 2014 in “Best of Me.”


Pair that up with Eagulls’ self-titled debut (also check out opening track “Nerve Endings,” posted below), and the drunken stupor of your Best of 2014 lists starts tonight.

Drink this shit up.

[embedvideo id=”hrFTJsOqH0A” website=”youtube”]

[embedvideo id=”KhralB8bCL8″ website=”youtube”]

Eagulls Sun Lions