Watch Him Kick It: U.S. soccer star Clint Dempsey is not just a national hero, he’s a rapper, too


United States soccer star Clint Dempsey just made Happy Hour a bit happier on the East Coast with an opening-minute goal against Ghana in the World Cup like 15 minutes ago, so this seems like as good a time as any to revisit his rap video from 2006.

For the World Cup eight years ago, Dempsey became his hip-hop alter-ego, Deuce, and appeared in a promotional video for Nike. “Don’t Tread” paired Dempsey — we mean Deuce — with Texas rapper XO and late Houston rapper Big Hawk from the Screwed Up Click, and … well, we’ll just let you be the judge of this.

The US currently leads Ghana 1-0 in both team’s opening match. Go #USA! Dempsey’s never Ghana give you up, never Ghana let you down.

[embedvideo id=”K6Di8QT98Zk” website=”youtube”]

Here’s that sweet-ass goal…