Of course there’s a band called Dads And Grads and of course they cover Bush’s ‘Glycerine’


There are only two things that can tie together both graduating seniors and fathers around the world: Consumerism, and Bush’s “Glycerine.”

So naturally, with Father’s Day on Sunday and the corporate marketing machine in full effect just before those mortar boards got tossed to the sky, along comes a Georgia band — or solo artist? — named Dads And Grads covering the ’90s post-grunge band’s alt-rock hit.

And while we’re sure it’s all in good fun — the project credits the song to Creed on its Bandcamp — we do take our “Glycerine” covers pretty seriously around here. Gavin Rossdale was responsible for some of our first-ever June swoons.


The cover here is a nice, short, noisy ode to the classic, bringing us back to a simpler time where we were a young student in the suburbs and would sit on dad’s knee out on the front porch waiting for Mister Softee to roll down the block.

Don’t let the days go by…