Post ‘Chrome: Listen to Glow Power’s flirtation with experimentation


Though it feels like ages ago, it was just over two years ago that Autochrome released their first and only record, Separation Realms. The Boston post-punk quartet’s EP landed on many Best-Of lists, but by this time last year, the band had unexpectedly faded out and called it a day. Autochrome’s members, however, remained active in the Boston psych scene: Katherine Murray and Patrick Florance went on to form Ghost Modern, Richard Murillo joined up with Guillermo Sexo, and Florance recently hooked up with the reunited Magic Shoppe.

Autochrome vocalist/guitarist Jeff Bartell had remained relatively quiet over the past year or so, until April, when he released an instrumental synth-pop track under the name Glow Power. “Space Tourist” was a departure from the gloomy, under-the-ash and vocal-driven guitar-pop sound of his prior band, instead relaying on drawn-out, instrumental electronic-pop atmospherics. A second instrumental track, “Light Pavilion” was released this week, rounding out the double-a-side release, Space Tourism. Listen to both songs below.

Bartell tells Vanyaland Glow Power is a change of pace, in more than just sound.


“[I’m] doing everything myself; production, everything,” Bartell says. “Just kind of started as an experiment and started growing. It’s been interesting to explore instrumental work, though I can definitely see vocals floating back in. This is a two song album that I released as kind of an introduction. Hoping to throw out more work soon. Just having some fun making majestic music.”

Bartell says he has no preconceived idea of how this project could evolve over time and experimentation.

“It could go anywhere!” he adds. “Composing is different from writing songs, songs with vocals and all that. I’m a total novice with equipment and sequencing and stuff. I’ve been inspired reading about the process of Thom Yorke making Kid A, where he was basically like ‘I have no idea what I’m doing'”.


We’ll respectfully beg to differ.

Glow Power