Sound The Alarm: MetroGnome remixes those jarring iPhone ringtones


They say the first song you hear each morning is what will be stuck in your head all day long, so maybe that’s why everyone’s been in a shitty mood since 2007 — the best part of waking up isn’t Folgers in your cup, it’s turning off those damn iPhone alarm sounds that interrupt your once-peaceful slumber.

Whether it’s “Xylophone,” “Opening,” or even “Silk,” there are just no warm, comforting ringtones coming out of your iPhone. It’s a shit way to start the day.

So New Delhi electronic music composer and producer Adi MetroGnome has smoothed out the edges with his latest remix, turning these looping, five-second jingles into a jam more fit for the nightclub than the nightstand.

Last we heard from MetroGnome, he was remixing and revamping the Breaking Bad theme song, all decked out in a hazmat suit and racking up more than a million views on YouTube.

Now he’s jump-starting your morning. Check it out…

[embedvideo id=”M3h00M9dcj4″ website=”youtube”]

Oh, and here he is remixing “Happy” by Pharrell Williams, if you’re still into that kind of thing…

[embedvideo id=”yzCaojJPLsk” website=”youtube”]