Bloodsports II, Anderson Returns: New Suede album coming in 2015


After roughly a decade away, last year saw the rather unlikely return of Britpop kickstarters Suede. The release of Bloodsports — the band’s first release since the much-maligned A New Morning in 2002 — was met with praise from critics and fans, and seemed to reclaim the band’s mid-’90s magic for grand balladry and glam-tinged rock and roll.

As the year progressed, the band toured extensively, though not in the United States (hey guys, we’re really sorry your gear was stolen in Boston in 1997 but we’re begging you to come back as these annual pilgrimages to England aren’t cheap). And the world was treated to re-releases of all of Suede’s studio albums on 180 gram in a deluxe box set.

Clearly, Suede’s triumphant return was enough to get the band’s creative juices flowing once again.


Perfectly-cheekboned keyboard player Neil Codling tweeted in March that the band had returned to the studio to record Bloodsports‘ follow-up.

Yesterday, Codling broke hearts when he announced he would not be joining his other band, the Penguin Cafe Orchestra, on their upcoming Japanese tour. Instead, he’s tied up working on the next Suede release.

The Guardian reports that the next Suede record is due out in 2015. In the meantime, here’s hoping it’s even half as good as Bloodsports.