Insane Clown Poochie: Meet the friendly Juggalo Dog you never knew existed until now


You don’t choose the Clown Life, the Clown Life chooses you.

And now that life is choosing dogs, as well. This photo of a Rottweiler that was posted to Reddit shows a dog with clear sings of Vitiligo, a condition where “the fur looses it normal color due to altered process of melanin (pigment) formation or from destruction of melanin cells,” according to the Von Der Musikstadt breeding website.

The markings also, of fucking course, make the pup look like a Juggalo Dog, and the internet is going batshit crazy over it. We’re calling him “Shaggy Two Dogg” in honor of our favorite member of Insane Clown Posse but we’re sure someone has come up with something more clever.


Oddly enough, the Von Der Musikstadt page also states that “emotional distress is a major triggering factor” in Vitiligo, which is also a main reason why so many young people become Juggalos in the first place.

According to the homies at Uproxx:

A Redditor somehow happened upon this photo of a Rottweiler afflicted with a condition called Vitiligo on a Rottweiler breeder website, and deftly made the connection that the dog bears more than a passing resemblance to the Insane Clown Posse’s brain trust of Juggalos. I guess if any dog was going to be the official mascot of the Juggalos it makes enough sense that it would be a Rottweiler, only because those dogs from Ghostbusters don’t technically exist.


This might even be better than the lamb recently born with corpse paint. These two should hang out!