Vanyaland Premiere: Future Carnivores get trippy in ‘The Drugs She Fed Me Last Night’


Central Square can be a head trip when you’re clean and sober. But when pills come into play, the Cambridge ‘hood can be an endless rabbit hole of color and fuzziness. Future Carnivores know this all too well, and today we’re psyched (ahem) to premiere their trippy-as-an-uneven-sidewalk music video for “The Drugs She Fed Me Last Night.”

It all starts innocently enough for Future Carnivores’ Bo Barringer, who pulls a late-night and ends up swallowing some party pebbles.

No geese were harmed in the making of this video, directed by bandmate Reuben Bettsak.


But kaleidoscope minds might never be the same.

“With a song title like that, I had to make it visually trippy,” Bettsak tells Vanyaland. “And we went with that. Just ran around with Bo one day getting footage of him stumbling around disoriented and people just thinking he’s just another drunkard in Central Square.”

From there, the visuals took shape.


“We just built on that,” Bettsak adds. “Was cool having Rachel from Wrong Shapes in the video looking all sinister. Also an excuse to play with a bunch of effects.”

Future Carnivores won’t hit a local stage until late June, so we can only hope this shit wears off by then.