Somerville Blues: Radio’s liquor license could be transferred next week to Paint Nite


The saga of Radio has taken another turn. A few weeks after news broke that a group led by Boston musicians was trying to take over the Somerville rock club and relaunch it as a viable music venue, Boston Eater is reporting today that the room’s liquor license could be in new hands as soon as next week, effectively any chance of a re-opening.

That’s when the city of Somerville will host a public hearing on Monday, April 28 to transfer Radio’s liquor license to Paint Nite’s headquarters of Two Three Zero, located at 230 Somerville Avenue “on the edge of” Union Square.

According to Eater:


Paint Nite hosts events around the globe that involve drinking cocktails with a group while everyone learns to paint the same picture. The company partners up with various bars and other venues with the goal of bringing in business on slow nights. According to the website, Two Three Zero is the “snazzy new event space” at Paint Nite HQ, and painters can currently enjoy $5 snacks like vanilla cream puffs or pretzel chips with hummus, plus beer and wine.

The Boston Herald reported in February that a trio of locals, Old Jack’s Dan Nicklin, manager Crystal Margolis and the Life Electric’s Joe Chehade, were looking to buy the space and relaunch a new live music venue.

All three are expected at next week’s hearing to voice their case.