An art student named Kayvon Edson allegedly dropped off backpacks on Boylston Street today — here’s his performance art synth-pop video


Today is the one-year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings, and despite tensions running high in our city, one art student decided to make a mockery of the day by dropping off backpacks along Boylston Street a few hours ago. Those backpacks were detonated by police around 9 p.m. local time. after authorities secured the area in Back Bay.

Details are still emerging, but word is police have allegedly arrested a man named Kevin “Kayvon” Edson, a Wakefield native and student at Massachusetts College of Art UPDATE: Since press time, Edson’s Facebook page has been changed to state he attends the Fashion Instituteof Technology; as news of the incident started to circulate, his page listed as him currently attending Mass Art.

Back in December, Edson released the above video (half performance art, half shitty synth-pop song), and posted it to Lady Gaga’s Facebook wall. In the clip, it appears he is wearing the same “witch costume” and black veil Edson wore today on Boylston Street.

UPDATE 10:13 p.m. EST:


Edson operates a website called naturalselection.net.

Barstool Sports was the first to identify the suspect.

Edson has a photo of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev as his Facebook banner image, with the caption “he had a blast at the marathon.”

Here is Edson earlier today on Boylston…

  1. I really hate to say this, but I have no problem at all with the police beating the absolute piss out of this artsy fucking idiot. What a selfish piece of shit.

    1. Don’t blame his parents. You can raise kids that do crazy things through no fault of your own. He seems to be mentally disturbed, not artsy like other people are saying. Maybe a few days in a locked ward, under observation will explain what his problem is.

      1. He’s definitely not stable. And I’m not personally big on performance art, but some of my classmates are and this is exactly the kind of BS that gives performance art a bad name.

      2. has has been locked up plenty in his life. he has figured out who he is and what he wants to say to the world. he just has a more intense way of doing it.

  2. This disgusts me. Absolutely shameless. As a grad of Mass Art, I can assure everyone, assholes like this are few and far between. Not art, just being an asshole.

    1. I’m also an Alum of Mass Art. This kid is an A-hole. This is not an easy school to get into or get your degree from. I hope they kick his ass out, he does not deserve to get a BFA from Mass Art.

  3. He wouldn’t be a gay drag queen or anything?… BTW: His “performance art” is self parody. The weirdo is a certified whack job and should be confined to a padded room for the rest of his pathetic life.

  4. So dropping the backpacks was a kind of extreme marketing ploy to promote his lame music/art. Really just an exaggeration of how disruptive and selfish all advertising is.

  5. Broken spaces bar?? Lol. But I agree he’s making a pathetic mockery of something very serious. He could definitely benefit from some stronggg meds and some real good counseling

  6. Terror isn’t art. That’s like calling the actions of Westboro Church freaks or the KKK ‘art’. I’m so angry and upset anyone would do something like this! Mental illness or not (I have a brother w/mental illness, fyi) if this guy knew his actions were wrong and understood impact and consequences he should be held responsible and deserves to be prosecuted under the fullest extent of law. Compassion for the families of the lost, the survivors of Marathon bombing, and for the accused in this incident. I don’t blame the family but having a hard time with the idea of compassion for the accused – can’t just burn the bridge of compassion by pulling a stunt like this then expect me to rush right over and send a boat of compassion to fetch you. This jerk sucks for what he did by causing more pain to people already suffering:( !!

  7. Oh please- clearly this artist does his best work over the toilet. Hopefully he will not become internet famous for real- if there is any justice he will be locked up for years and years for this art stunt, if only his ego can fit in a jail cell.

  8. Boston’s fraud and Boston’s scam are very embarrassing
    the tribe demands he be forcibly medicated like in old USSR
    Lockup until thinking conforms to official police state narrative

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