Ask An Emo Dude: Five teen angst anthems likely to be heard tonight @ Good Life


Kurt Cobain once sang “Teenage angst has paid off well, now I’m bored and old.” As the date of the Nirvana frontman’s 20th anniversary arrives tomorrow, teenage angst is still fairly marketable, especially amongst the now-older kids who grew up with the sounds of youthful millennial rebellion. Tonight at Good Life, a crew raised on a diet of emo anthems in various suburbs in the ’90s and early 2000s come together for Tell All Your Friends, a night of teenage angst and other heartbreaking anthems that cuts its name from the legendary 2002 Taking Back Sunday album.

Surely more than a few selections off the Boston Phoenix’s much-maligned Top 100 Emo Anthems Of All Time will fill the downstairs air of the downtown venue, but we reached out to one of the party’s song selectors, DJ ABD, a.k.a. DJ Ask A Black Dude, a.k.a. Salim Akram from Bad Rabbits, just what’s on the music agenda.

He shouted back at his parents, closed his bedroom doors, put on his headphones, and let us into his teenaged self’s bitter and cruel world.


Here’s what DJ ABD is ready to fire up…

“Longview” by Green Day

“This song was the gateway into rock music for me. Prior to that I was into solely hip-hop and r&b.”



“Ape Dos Mil” or “Two Tabs Of Mescaline” by Glassjaw

Worship and Tribute is the record that made me decide I wanted to be in a band.”


“Make Damn Sure,” by Taking Back Sunday

“This is probably my favorite song of this era of music. Reminds me of the three weeks we toured with them in 2011, and reminds me of living in Mission Hill.”



“One Armed Scissor,” by At The Drive-In

“When it first hit radio, it was so different than anything being spun at the time. I remember seeing a live video of these dudes and was hooked.”


“Everything Is Evil,” by Coheed & Cambria

“As a guitar player, that intro riff is fun as shit to play. It’s been forever since I’ve played it so I don’t even think I can shred it anymore” [laughs].

Tell All Your Friends