The Next Life: Suede unveil new song in London last night, ‘I Don’t Know How To Reach You’


Last year, ’90s Britpop heavyweights Suede made a triumphant return with the critically acclaimed Bloodsports. It was Suede’s first studio album in over ten years, but since its release, the band has toured extensively across Europe. Recently, keyboardist Neil Codling teased fans on Twitter with studio photos indicating that the band was writing new material (see embed below).

After a decade of dormancy, they’re moving, oh so, moving.

And at last night’s Royal Albert Hall gig in support of the Teenage Cancer Trust, a performance that also commemorated the 20th anniversary of landmark album Dog Man Star, Suede debuted a new track titled “I Don’t Know How To Reach You.” The band unveiled it towards the end of their monster 27-song set, tucked between recent single “It Starts And Ends With You” and classic b-side “The Living Dead.”


It’s a tune that falls in line with the mature, Dog Man Star-meets-Coming Up sound heard on Bloodsports. Richard Oakes carries the song with an undeniably Suede guitar riff; Brett Anderson sings about distant lovers. “I Don’t Know How to Reach You” is equal parts earnest and glam.

Hopefully we get more of this on a new Suede full-length.