Youth Gone EDM: Listen to Dada Life’s new song featuring Sebastian Bach, ‘Born To Rage’


Well, just when you thought Cash Cash enlisting the Goo Goo Dolls’ Johnny Rzeznik for the latest in Random Singer Provides Vocals For EDM Project’s Latest Single was EDM’s breaking point, here comes former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach on Dada Life’s “Born To Rage.”

Excuse us for a moment while we wrap our heads around this.

Oh my god.


We can’t even.

Our love for those first two Skid Row records runs pretty deep around these parts — my first ever concert was Skid Row and Pantera in New York in the early ’90s — so we’ve always given Bas a free pass when it comes to shit, from theater to his solo stuff.

But this is just weird.


And if this is real news on March 28, April Fool’s Day is going to be insane.

From Dada Life earlier today:

“Citizens of Dada Land! We are proud to premiere the music video for “Born To Rage” featuring the infamous Sebastian Bach of SKID ROW!”

Meanwhile, Bach has a new record, Give ‘Em Hell, out April 22. Here’s the album art: