David Letterman Is The New MTV: Watch Irish lads the Strypes crush it on the ‘Late Show’


A few weeks back Vanyaland contributor Hilary Hughes was speaking on a panel at Berklee College of Music. She and I were talking to fledgling music writers, and Hughes made a comment about how the best place to find out about new bands was to watch late-night talk show television. It’s the best portal for young acts to get on the radar of everyone from the blogs to your aunt in Tampa.

But with apologies across all networks, that focus could be narrowed even more to just the Late Show With David Letterman. First it was the Orwells that got everyone talking, then it was Future Islands that got everyone watching. Now it’s bratty Irish lads the Strypes that’s got everyone rocking.

A few days after selling out Great Scott in Allston, the fresh-faced ’60s rock quartet hit the Dave Stage earlier this week and churned out their hit “What A Shame” in front of a national TV audience. It should take the band to another level, and judging from the clip, it’s fairly well deserved.


Meanwhile, the Strypes’ debut record, Snapshot, is out now on Virgin/EMI.